Like an ant to Jupiter,
A tree from the rock
Of Gibraltar.

In all the known universe,
The priceless and awe-inspiring,
Occuring in size and symmetry.

From the elemental majesty,
Gravity and light’s sublime mastery.
We are infinitesimal tiny mysteries,

Designed by such love and power,
Able to contemplate, imagine, and feel!
Aspiring like a tree, briefly on a hill.

Poem and photograph
Atul Ranchod


Pushing and pulling,
Sculpting and molding,
Gravity of light and dark
Intrinsic to life and all its parts.

Transformation occuring,
As daylight rapidly declining,
What will be the seeds sown
For Spring’s new beginning?

Occurring cyclically, steadily.
Your beauty undulating,
Captivating my imagination.
Pulled into your radiance.

Isn’t it amazing how years go by,
But the fascination never dies?
Love, beauty, and presence,
A most magical elixir!

Soul’s alchemy,
Hero’s journey,
Rose’s magnificence,
Moment’s exuberance!

Poem and photograph
Atul Ranchod